Section 2: Professional Development


Please upload or summarise the crew test you did with Rupert




 Describe the structure and interrelationships of the production department. You can use a diagram or similar if you wish 




Describe at least 2 potentional progression routes into the film industry (e.g. university, apprenticeships, entry level work, film festivals etc)



What do you plan to do when the academy is finished?



Briefly describe the job of one of your tutors, and what they have done in their career





What is the wider creative media sector? (think about music, costume, advertising, animation, theatre, games etc)



Explain how film production connects to the wider creative media sector


***you might find the following link helpful for completing this section: 


One thought on “Section 2: Professional Development”

  1. Please remember to complete 2.1 & 2.2 by the end of today! Your experiences on set will help, but please think about what you learnt in class and look at your course booklet for further guidance.


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