WASP: A short film you would kill to run away from.


As I would say ‘Try not get stung, otherwise it would be a permanent visual in your mind’

WASP: Worst Artistic Short Production.

This short film had established itself in 2003, where the creativity was fuelled by Andrea Arnold. It is set in the deprived suburban area of Dartford. It is revolved around a disgusting young mother, Zoe, who has four children. We first view these characters descending a flight of stairs to encounter the supposed /Arch-Nemesis’ of the protagonist, to enable an altercation. This altercation is the first time, where we able to see how Zoe’s motherhood has greatly reflected on her children. The middle fingers and swears being thrown into the air, is not something I would recommend for the familiar demographic.

She is then reconciled with a crush from the times of her adolescence, David. It is quite the coincidence that this crush is in bearing of the same name as her ultimate celebrity crush,the legendary ‘David Beckham.’ This may imply in fact, she aspires to become the Victoria and become liberated from her poverty-stricken lifestyle (might I say that she has caused ,due to the constant decision of being dependent on her Ex-partner, that happened to be called Mark.) either that, or she plans to be extremely wealthy so she no longer has to care for her four minors. This makes me view her mentality to very immature and if she was shown in front of a vulnerable audience, our global issues with immensely increase.


Mark himself, is quite deprived, which we can visually see from his malfunctioning auto-mobile. This scene can be quite comedic, as he has successfully been able to encourage Zoe to go on a date, to a pub. Not the most romantic, but very realistic to the situation. This is one scene I can greatly appreciated, because it does show deprived residents in an empathetic light, which can appease to the audience but at the same time,It is quite the -rags-to-riches tale, without the riches in the end because it also shows that deprived residents are full of mental stupidity that barely give the cognate survival to keep on functioning and send messages to the neurons.


This scene we can exaggeratedly follow to the important part: The actual date. The scene of the mother, dressed in quite attention-seeking clothing racing with her children, it not a scene worth highlighting in detail. Although , it quite sweet that the motherly love is shown, I will have so many things to say about how she influences her children. Plus, that motherly love doesn’t accurately concede into the highlighted scene. This woman decides to prioritise her date , over her own vulnerable children. She decides to abandon them outside, because she was not truly honest to David, her date about her 4 children. Why should a mother become embarrassed of her own children to impress a man? Let alone this same man is obviously the agonising alpha male figure. The traditionalist who expects the female to bow at his feet because he is a man. It is shown when He expects her to get his drink and pay for it because she is a ‘bird.’ Bird is a colloquial term to refer to a sexually attractive woman. While she is accepting this and hanging out with her alpha man dream, The children are left with the bare minimum of dinner :crisps and food dropped from the floor. It is quite shameful to be a mother, if you can not have the means to prioritise the children over a date. So, my respect for the protagonist goes downhill from here.  She decides to follow David to his car and allows him to lead in to quite the sloppy and ‘cringey’ french kisses, which only lingered into something more… intimate, but without love being the priority. It was all lust in its darkest form. I understand that the scenes of sultry entertain people, but this is not entertaining. I guarantee that you will want to peel out your eyes if you saw this. It was greatly closed-up and widened, it made you think that you were in the back seat, but chained so you couldn’t disrupt the action. The thought of that shivers you.

It is only then that the tuned up sound of one of the children’s screams enable a practical epiphany of her exiting the car. Her rage is quite atrocious as she caused the one thing that could have caused her to face a lack of custody of her children : Her youngest infant being stung by a wasp in the middle of the night due to maternal ‘abandonment.’ The rage was the fact that the children were expected to look after the infant, without proper mature care…what an embarrassment. Pregnant teen mothers, do not look after your children like this. The only great result was that David found out the underlying truth. But, it didn’t cost her dearly. He bought Fish and Chips for the starving children, A British delicacy that they were craving.

The film can be viewed from many angles, positively and negatively. I viewed this film in quite the negative light, due to influence. Though I must credit that the plot was very well executed and if you want to risk being stung, take the leap.


Please post a review of a feature film production of your choice (British or World cinema). Make sure to comment on the narrative structure, as well as sound, camera, lighting and editing choices.


Your Name (Kimi no nawa/君の名は。) : A psychological leap into fantasia.

‘Your Name’ is a quite modern-Japanese animation, that has gained a high reputation for being compared to one of the legendary academy winning movies :Spirited Away. That being said, it is very unique but the comparison is quite understandable as they are both films that raise high rank in those who watch it (of course not in everyone, due to preference). Though, I have quite the positive sight on this film alone.

The plot is centred on two characters: A boy who happens to be named Taki, who resides in Tokyo and Mitsuha, who resides in the Hida region of the Gifu prefecture. Mitsuha, happens to aspire to be able to live in the metropolis of Tokyo, as a teenage boy in her next life. Taki is the one chosen to fulfil Mitsuha’s desire.

The split first person narrative, gives an opportunity to understand two people, in a shared psychological body, despite being psychically two. The mind thoughts of the typical Japanese high school boy is manifested physically onto a traditionally raised Japanese high school girl (and vice versa) makes us see that our minds are capable of exploring the true parallels of each and every human, including ourselves. This film, widening our imaginative perspective of life. We are more interesting than we actually think ; it is only us that create such a mundane ambience in our heads and expressions. There have been extreme close ups on the different parts of the body that intricately define a cis-female and male. Long hair, to define traditional femininity, short wild hair to define physical masculinity, in a modern world.Though, this was in the beginning. It was only when Mitsuha, decided to cut off a ‘drastic’ amount of hair, is what we can say that it is our subconscious to make us to see that we are different, that who we are as human beings are stronger and more special and if allow ourselves to see a bigger picture, we will become so much more intelligent.

Eventually both characters became enamoured for each other , for who they were as people, not at the appearance of each other. It caused Taki to search for Mitsuha. It was only then where the tone drifted. The town at which Mitsuha resided in was hit by a giant comet 3 years prior to the ‘freaky Friday’ body switches. Only a basic human in the audience, with no imagination would say that Taki is making this up in his head. Yet, that is not true. the psychological message sent, via the close up of the tears shed, from his companions (very close friends of Taki , who assist him in finding Mitsuha) and his expressed anger and denial is so much more. Mitsuha acted as Taki’s safe haven. Although, Taki did not necessarily suffer through familiar issues or anything detrimental, Mitsuha, was the only one who understood ‘him.’ We all have a Mitsuha, it is the person who we embody that understands us for everything that we are,from our flaws, our admirations and our quirks, from the world of closed off minds and the unknown. Our ‘Mistuha’ keeps us sane, because they help us to express how we feel, internally. I say this as a person who does not prioritise emotion over logic, I am more of a thinker than a feeler, but as a human, I do feel negative sentiments.  But, Mitsuha, was real. We want our Mitsuhas’ to become real, so we can feel like we ‘belong.’ our Mitsuhas’ act as the ego, in psychoanalysis. They control us and prevent our from becoming monsters.

In compliance to Taki, Mitsuha, was real. He met her during his last year in Middle school. In terms of the psychological effect, Taki met his ego. Maybe Taki before was more extreme in behaviour, but we wouldn’t know the film doesn’t go deeper into that. But, it makes us think who they really are as people, before the life changing event.



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  1. Really good work here, Katherine! Very interesting, detailed reviews. Great choice of films, and good to see you considering them critically. You’ve successfully completed 5.1 & 5.2


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